Richard Zombeck

Richard Zombeck

Having worked in restaurants, tech support, and as a reporter, Zombeck has developed and cultivated a cynical view when it comes to human nature and behavior.

Zombeck founded Home Preservation Network (HPN) in an effort to educate and inform the public about issues relating to foreclosure and the financial crisis in America, and to expose the individuals and entities that are working against the public interest.

The HPN community provides resources in the form of information, news articles, homeowner stories, vetted service providers, foreclosure advocates and journalists. Several of the most knowledgeable and well respected experts collaborate on HPN in a single collective effort to assist and educate homeowners and consumers.

Additionally, HPN provides resources and potential solutions to homeowners faced with foreclosure and issues relating to foreclosure.

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Discrimination and civil rights can be a pretty murky topic and not as cut and dry or “black and white” as one might think

It’s easy enough to think of these topics in terms of blatant acts, such as requiring someone to sit at the back of the bus, drink from a separate water fountain, not being allowed to sit at food counter, or being denied access to services based on the color of their skin, gender, or sexual orientation. Actions like these, for the most part and hopefully, are a thing of the past.

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Do you remember how you felt when they told you the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus weren't real? Maybe you'd figured that out on your own, or maybe you were like my younger brother and heard it from me when you were five years old -- he's still recovering from that trauma. I may as well have told him that the crew members from Sesame Street were dealing meth.

I'd imagine that's pretty close to how many of the foreclosure/mortgage activists and advocates feel about the recent news that their foreclosure hero, Lynn Szymoniak, may not be the caped crusader they all thought she was. In fact, she may be as predatory and opportunistic as the banks she claims to be fighting against.

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Lately there’s been a flurry of activity from the one percent trying to set the record straight about what’s really important. The underlying message in this latest public relations blitz seems to be that the rest of us have it all wrong and whatever we think is going on is nothing more than a bunch of rumors coming from a few misguided loud mouths.

The economy is doing great; jobs are plentiful if you just know where to look; men need to man up, suck it up, and stop whining; and if you would just stop relying on people who are better and smarter than you we could all go back to happy times.

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Our elected lawmakers in Washington, particularly Republican lawmakers, are scared shitless by the idea of going after the big banks and going after corporate America. Yet, these same lawmakers are j...
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Consumer Center for Resources will be hosting an event to inform consumers of their legal rights, and their options when struggling with foreclosure and financial hardship.

(Glendale, CA – May 28th, 2013) – Consumer Center for Resources will be hosting an event to inform consumers of their legal rights and their options when struggling with foreclosure and financial hardship. The seminar will be held on Saturday, June 15th 2013 at the Glendale Public Library Auditorium on 222 E. Harvard St. in Glendale, CA.

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