Mortgage Stories

Mortgage Stories

Your stories, your neighbor's stories, your family's stories. Stories from homeowners and anyone who has been a victim of mortgage and foreclosure fraud.

I tried numerous times before Oct 2011 to get GMAC to work out a deal but they wanted the whole amount to stop the foreclosure which was about $13,000 and that is why I filed for bankruptcy. Well they have re-instigated the fore closure which now is set for June 22, 2012. I requested a show me the note letter and they sent me a copy of the 1999 sale which the so called friend did. In the meantime I found out that guy was indicted for grand theft for something he did at the mortgage company he worked for. He and another guy were sent to prison. The reason I brought him up was I have feeling that something might not be right with the current loan that GMAC now is servicing.

After owning 4 previous homes, this was my first, and will be my last, condo. With all the foreclosure and financial ruin insanity being caused by the banks, condo owners must be made aware that unethical, out of control, power hungry HOAs have the same power to destroy lives, their towns, their states, ultimately the country, and get away with it.

I'm methodically going about taking apart Thomas P. Dore et al peice by piece since he is the equivalent of David Stern in MD. I have a duty to make sure I put a stop to the fraud he has perpetrated on myself and thousands of other homeowners who are not equipped to protect themselves against these criminals.

I'll post a lot more on Scribd (they have great search engine optimization) and will expose the fraud for the public to see and in turn use in their court cases as well, if nothing else to put the crooked judges and foreclosure attorneys on notice that you are not going to let these crooks get away with their crimes.

Early January 2011, I received a call that my home was being entered by people without my permission. The sheriffs office investigated and was told the home was being foreclosed. I immediately called Nationstar Mortgage. I was told I was 47 days past due and I had abandoned the property. Of course I was outraged, but scheduled a payment for the next week. My relatives inspected the property in my absence to confirm that the lock boxes had been removed. The following week, Nationstar Mortgage contracted a company to winterize the home. They removed the remaining furniture, disconnected the well plumping supply to the house, and shut power to all major appliances.

As we seek legal counsel (we're pleading for Terry Goddard's help – he only stepped down from his AG post to run for Governor), we're pursing a forensic loan audit and uniting forces with other homeowners battling Capital One. We have filed complaints with the OCC (we urge everyone to do the same if they have not already done so) and the Arizona Attorney General's Office. We have other letters drafted and prepared to send to Capital One and intend to cc other interested parties.

We will post updates as we have them and welcome contact and a full vetting from any other homeowner or their attorney who is fighting Capital One.


I've lost my business, my home, and am in debt.  Also PHH sent in negative 9 times to Experian , Trans Union, Equifax during the time I was waiting for PHH to evaluate my financials before the modification.  Let's not forget the misleading rumor that spread like wild fire , that in order to qualify for a home loan modifcation you had to be 3 months in default.  I've sent my letters with copies of my modification before giving up my home to FDIC, Securities & Exchange Commission, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and a multitude of other government departments.  I received letters from most that "THEY have no Juristican over Mortgage Servicers.

I am still in shock and it seems like a nightmare! ONLY THREE PAYMENTS behind and I also had an "APPROVED" PLAN to repay the 3 payments that were in arrears. I further told him that I hope the people who made this decisions do not go to church on Sunday and call themselves Christians for their behavior is totally UN-CHRISTLIKE!

THANKS for your ear. I was an economics undergrad major where I learned (at a distance) how the big banks and financial institutions both built and screwed over America. Now I am the one getting "SCREWED!"


This appears to be clear and convincing evidence of a “conspiracy to commit fraud” (cover up), a fraudulent act (switching the minutes of the court where the Motion to Compel was “denied: on the hearing day 2/22/10, by Judge Richards, but later switched to indicate the Motion was granted.  I believe this was done to clear the way for a summary judgment in favor of the plaintiff that if appealed, this Court would see the Motion to Compel Discovery was granted indicating I had refused to exercise my discovery rights and therefore waived such right, thus supporting the trial courts granting of a summary judgment through the Rocket Docket Program.

Ok, so my situation is not as devastating as some of the other stories I've seen and heard.  But it is still something that is affecting my life considerably and the mortgage industry is at the root of it. 

They required an inordinate amount of documentation including signed letters from me and my ex-boyfriend stating that I am, in fact, intending to use the property as my primary residence.  They also wanted me to obtain a letter from my employer, an international, multi-billion dollar company, that explained why I travel to DC for my job and that I am allowed to telecommute when I'm not traveling.  A request that perhaps a small company might fulfill easily, but a large company like mine first needed to go through a review process involving numerous people only to produce a letter that states the same information as provided by an employment verfication.

I called and complained and a week later I had keys sent to me for the new locks.  They told me they had to check their security to make sure that the pipes were properly winterized.  That's somewhat ironic considering I live in SW Florida and it never, ever gets cold enough for the pipes to freeze.  They also continue to send me fee schedules for my home equity line of credit that was included in a bankruptcy over 2 years ago.

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